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Conformity & Efficacy

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Aqueous ozone produced by Enozo kills 99.9% of Human Coronavirus 229E (surrogate virus for COVID-19) and some of the most harmful bacteria in just 30 seconds. It has been approved as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA so you can sanitize confidently.

Enozo's on-demand aqueous ozone attack unwanted odors without the need for added fragrances or dyes and eliminates the need for other synthetic chemicals which leaves no residue. This is especially helpful to those with allergies and sensitive skin.

Using just normal tap water with patented Active Diamond Electrolytic Process Technology to generate on-demand ozonated water without leaving any harmful residue

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Easy to use, just spray and wipe or allow to dry. Aqueous ozone reverts to water and air after killing the pathogens. Safe to use on all types of surfaces, even on food, fruits, baby and pets products.

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With Enozo, you'll have ever-ready and almost never-ending supply of natural sanitizer to keep your loved ones and family safe. Reduce your trip going out to shop for conventional chemical and toxic based sanitizer, and also reduce your risk of sanitizer poisoning in the long run.

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Enozo PRO refillable up to 5,000 times | Enozo HOME refillable up to 600 times
More sustainable & environmental friendly

ENOZO Aqueous Ozone

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ENOZO PRO Aqueous Ozone Sanitizing Bottle
RM 3,369.00
ENOZO HOME Aqueous Ozone Sanitizing Bottle
RM 1,869.00
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